Wildcat Rewards is like Airline Miles for ACU!

Support ACU and get rewarded!

We will soon be discontinuing the Wildcat Rewards program

What does this mean and what are the key dates? We will soon be discontinuing the Wildcat Rewards program

We will discontinue Wildcat Rewards at the end of July, 2022. This means you can still earn points by transferring CURewards Points into Wildcat Rewards points through July 15, 2022. The last day to redeem Wildcat Rewards Points for ACU tuition, books, or room & board will be July 31, 2022.

Christian Community Credit Union has been a wonderful partner in this program. You will receive communication from CCCU soon on how they will handle your credit card account going forward.

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Introducing Wildcat Rewards

ACU Freshman Tuition Rewards

Wildcat Rewards points have double value for ACU Freshman Tuition Rewards!

ACU Student Rewards

Wildcat Rewards points are worth 50% more for ACU students to help pay for Tuition, Room, Board, Books, or anything at ACU!

Exclusive Offers

Wildcat Rewards members can unlock exclusive offers at ACU!

Donations to ACU

Donate your Wildcat Rewards points to ACU and get double value!

Any College Tuition Rewards

Or, use your Wildcat Rewards points to pay for any college, any student. We will send the payment directly to that college!


A new way to support ACU!
  • Use your points to send someone you love to ACU
  • Use points for a child, grandchild, or anybody you choose
  • Get exclusive benefits like early access to Sing Song tickets

College Savers

Earn points to save for college!
  • Earn unlimited points to save for college
  • Your points have DOUBLE value for new ACU freshmen
  • Or redeem points for any college

Wildcat Parents

Points pay for anything at ACU!
  • Points are worth 1.5X for your ACU student
  • Use points for tuition, books, or room and board
  • Wildcat Rewards sends a payment to your child's ACU account

Earn Rewards*!

Get up to 10,000 bonus reward points* with the Wildcat Rewards Visa!

Show your ACU pride and earn points to benefit ACU and someone you love! New Wildcat Rewards Visa cardholders get up to 10,000 bonus points—worth $200 in ACU freshman tuition!

Plus, ACU gets a donation from Christian Community Credit Union when your card is approved. Plus additional donation on purchases.

There's no annual fee and you can earn unlimited points! Get the Wildcat Rewards Visa and benefit a loved one and ACU today!

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Eligibility to apply for the Wildcat Rewards Visa Card is based on your affiliation with a qualifying Christian church, ministry, or school.

* Rewards: Receive up to 10,000 bonus points on purchases: 5,000 when you’re approved and up to 5,000 more with double points for the first six months on any purchase. After the first six months, double points only apply to donations to churches andmany ministries with IRS Merchant Category Code 8661 and are subject to change without notice. Points earned will be credited to your account each month, will accrue over five calendar years and expire on a first-in-first-out basis annually. Points earned in calendar year one will expire as of the last day of calendar year five.

Exclusive Offers for Wilcat Rewards Members

Wildcat Rewards members save $2,198* when you buy a home or refinance a mortgage with ACU Alumnus Monty Felts at Cross Country Mortgage!

* Borrower must mention the program at time of application For full terms and conditions, visit crosscountrymortgage.com/affinity/acu-wildcat-rewards/

How to use your points

ACU Tuition, Books, Room & Board

Redeem your points for any ACU expense. Points are applied to a student's ACU account, and are worth DOUBLE for new ACU freshmen and 1.5X for all other ACU students!

ACU Donation

When you use your points as an ACU donation, you support ACU and your donation counts toward President's Circle or Wildcat Club eligibility!

Any College Tuition

What if your child chooses another college? Redeem your points for tuition at any college. Wildcat Rewards will send a payment to the college of your choice!


Consult our F.A.Q. to get answers about points, rewards and more.

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